Links to my most topical saving-related articles are listed below. 

They are organised under the following headings:

  • Transport
  • Utilities
  • Household Expenses
  • Health and Beauty
  • Clothing
  • Shopping
  • Travel
  • Holidays
  • Renovations
  • General


Do you need a car?

Car servicing tips

Tyres, parts, and service add-ons

Registration, CTP, and comprehensive insurance

Roadside assistance

Extended manufacturers' warranties

Petrol consumption tips

Car maintenance tips

New car purchases - optimise the process

New car purchases - new v. used cars

New car purchases - used car checklist

New car purchases - funding options

New car purchases - negotiation tips

Car renovation

Car sales and trade-ins

Public transport savings tips

Case study: car insurance


Saving money on electricity

Saving money on gas

Saving money on water

Household Expenses

Saving money on home and contents insurance

Saving money on cleaning

Saving money on food

Saving money on gardening

Saving money by purchasing HEALTHY food 

Health and Beauty

Saving money on beauty products

Saving money on beauty services

Saving money on health insurance

Saving money on health and medical services

Case study: health and beauty


Saving money on clothing


Negotiating tips


End-of-year sales guide


Case study: saving money on travel


Christmas gift ideas

Christmas preparations

Christmas shopping (... for next year)

New Year's Eve entertainment (for party-going types)

Case study: Christmas preparations … learnings from 2012


Renovating: outdoors

Case study: landscaping

Renovating: walls and floors

Book review: Planning Your Perfect Home Renovation

Renovating: home office

Renovating: bathrooms, part 1

Renovating: bathrooms, part 2

Book review: Renovation Inspiration: Ideas to Inspire

Renovating: kitchen, part 1

Renovating: kitchen, part 2

Case study: saving money (or not) renovating

The Millionaire on Heels renovation plan


Book review: Saving Money Made Simple

Book review: The Little Book of Thrift

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