Links to many of my investment-related articles are provided below. 

They are categorised under the following headings:
  • Financial Planning and Goals
  • Property
  • Shares
  • Superannuation
  • Tax

Financial Planning and Goals

New Year's resolutions and how to keep them

Elements of a financial plan

Financial values

Financial goal setting

The importance of symbols

Financial risk profiles

Financial net worth assessment

Expense tracking

Expense tracking v. budgeting

Investment planning - asset allocation

Investment planning - product selection

Target net worth and plan summary

Book review: Women and Money

Book review: Financial Planning – DIY Guide

Book review: Building Wealth & Loving It

Book review: The Great Life Redesign : Change How You Work, Live How You Dream and Make it Happen Today

2014 New Year’s resolutions from the Millionaire on Heels

Where to invest in 2014


Mortgage refinancing guide

Home loan features (and jargon)

The things the banks and brokers don't tell you

To fix or not to fix

Search for the lowest possible interest rate

Banks versus non-bank lenders

Mortgage brokers versus direct sales

Cash back mortgage brokers

Private banking

Mortgage application process

Post settlement - put your ongoing structures in place

Post settlement - changing bank accounts

Guide to buying your first home

Tips for saving a deposit

Guide to buying an investment property

Managing an investment property/portfolio

Mortgage repayment tips - part 1

Mortgage repayment tips - part 2

Mortgage repayment tips - part 3

Mortgage repayment tips - part 4

Mortgage repayment tips - part 5

Mortgage tools and resources

Book review: 104 Weeks to Your Home Deposit

Case study: mortgage refinancing

Book review: Your Mortgage – How to Save $50,000 to $250,000 per Property

Book review: Your Investment Property – How to Choose It, Pay for It, and Triple Your Returns in Three Years

Case study: mortgage refinancing – part 2

Book review: Mortgage Stressbusters

Book review: Finding and Managing Your Mortgage

Book review: Ordinary Millionaires

Book review: Mortgage Free, Debt Free

Review: Cash Back Mortgage


Investing in shares – why shares
Under review

Investing in shares – developing a share investment plan
Under review

Investing in shares – gearing
Under review

Investing in shares – guide to full service v. online brokers

Investing in shares – index and sector analysis
Under review

Investing in shares – fundamental analysis
Under review

Investing in shares – technical analysis
Under review

Investing in shares – risk management
Under review

Investing in shares – record keeping
Under review

Online share trading – guide to online services
Under review

Online share trading – selecting an online trading service
Under review

Online share trading – setting up your selected service
Under review

Online share trading – placing orders
Under review

Online share trading – performance monitoring
Under review

Book review: The Business of Share Trading
Under review

Book review: Online Investing on the Australian Sharemarket

Case study: share trading
Under review

Book review: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying and Selling Shares Online


Superannuation – the basics

Superannuation – how much do you need
Under review

Superannuation – making contributions
Under review

Superannuation – finding lost super

Superannuation – taxes … and tax refunds
Under review

Superannuation – choosing a super fund
Under review

Superannuation – investment strategies
Under review

Superannuation – costsUnder review

Superannuation – insurance
Under review

Superannuation – accessing your super
Under review

Superannuation – accessing your super early
Under review

SMSFs – the basics

SMSFs – setting up an SMSF

SMSFs – investment strategies

SMSFs – borrowing

SMSFs – costs

SMSFs – rules

SMSFs – running an SMSF

SMSFs – accessing your super

SMSFs – administration requirements

SMSFs – compliance and audit requirements

SMSFs – winding up an SMSF

Book review: Self-Managed Superannuation Funds: A Survival Guide

Case study: superannuation


Tax tips, part 1: income for individuals

Tax tips, part 2: deductions overview

Tax tips, part 3: work-related car expenses

Tax tips, part 4: work-related travel expenses

Tax tips, part 5: work-related clothing, laundry, and dry-cleaning expenses

Tax tips, part 6: work-related self-education expenses

Tax tips, part 7: other work-related expenses

Tax tips, part 8: low-value pool deduction 

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