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  1. I stumbled across this web site. I am not quite sure what it is about? I am guessing, since it says Millionaire On Heels, and Millionaire By 2020, it is based on a woman who wants to be a millionaire by 2020, who has set goals to achieve this task. Point in question....I am a 38 year old single mom of three kids. I devoted most of my life to other people instead of my own future. I have completed my high school education, and some college education, in which it has got me nowhere. I am looking for a mentor. Someone who is willing to teach me something in order to better myself, and learn how to make money. For now, my life is so pathetic, I can not even seem to get a job at McDonalds, or Walmart. However, I have not been totally worthless. I have been taking care of my terminally ill father for the past 6 years. It has been very demanding, and difficult. I am not on welfare, so my income is whatever my dad chooses to give me. This is a burden. It kind of gives my dad the mindset that he can control me with mental guilt, because he knows I have to have money to care for my kids, and he is my bank. I would be grateful for any comment, reply, or thought that would help me to better myself.