Sunday, 15 February 2015

Confidence, hope, and regeneration … aka the lizard dream

Millionaire on Heels - The Lizard Dream
The Lizard

Do you ever have dreams that you just wake up from and can’t stop thinking about?

I usually forget about my dreams straight away, so when I remember them, I can’t help thinking there’s a really significant message in there for me.

Yesterday afternoon I fell asleep on the sofa and ever since I woke up, I haven’t be able to stop thinking about the dream I had.

I was on a beach with someone (obviously wiser than myself) and a strange lizard-like thing.  It was a shapeless creature that lived in a protective shell.  This particular one had just grown a new shell, a process that took it three years.  The wise person showed me how by organising its amorphous self into a particular pattern, the lizard enabled the new shell to grow.  When I asked to see an example (typical me …), the lizard went off to try to find its mother, who it hadn’t seen in years, but remained ever hopeful of seeing again, once she had completed the regrowth process herself.