Friday, 28 February 2014

February 2014 in review

Millionaire by 2020 Plan – February 2014 Update
Millionaire by 2020 Plan – February 2014 Update

February was a good month in MoH land, at least in terms of Millionaire by 2020 progress … my non-financial goals are taking a hit at the moment due to bricks-and-mortar work commitments.  My downward blip in January reversed itself, and the Millionaire by 2020 tracker is back to 16.6%, compared to a target of 11.7%.

The share market improved, so both my super and shares balances increased strongly.

And my bonuses arrived!  I actually forgot that my long-term incentive is spread across two years, so it was a pleasant surprise when the $ arrived in my bank account.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Upcoming February posts

Summer at the beach in more elegant times
Summer at the beach in more elegant timesSource:

January has flown by, and the MoH has not been spending much time on the beautiful Sydney beaches.  My life has pretty much been consumed by:
  • My day job
  • My night job (which unfortunately is simply the second half of my day job after the back-to-back meetings finish)
  • My new business venture
  • The MoH

My new business venture is really getting traction!  The ingredients and most of the packaging have arrived, and the label design is sorted.  I just need to order a few more bits and pieces and then I can start packaging and selling it.  (I'll let you know what "it" is when I've launched the website!)