Friday, 31 January 2014

January 2014 in review

Millionaire by 2020 Plan – January 2014 Update
Millionaire by 2020 Plan – January 2014 Update

All good things must come to an end … and sigh, so has the uninterrupted growth of the MoH’s investments.  After 12 straight months of outperformance, January was a shocker. 

The Australian sharemarket dropped by more than 3 percent as a whole, which impacted both my super and my share portfolio.  Newcrest Mining went against the trend, as the gold price rose, but I think everything else fell a bit!  Oh well.  The positive in this is that now looks like a good buying opportunity, and my investment strategy calls for more share investment this year.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Millionaire on Heels renovation plan

The Millionaire on Heels renovation plan

All these posts on renovating have rekindled the MoH’s enthusiasm for resuming all the work I intended to start doing nearly three years ago when I moved into my current house.  The list is fairly long … and growing, with required repairs being added faster than optional projects are removed!

To make sense of it all, I’ve written a wishlist of everything I want to achieve over the next three years, grouped into five categories:

  • Outdoors
  • Walls/Floors
  • Bedrooms/Living Areas/Home Office
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen


Outdoors, a lot of work is required to repair some of the poor quality renovations of the previous owner, plus general maintenance.  

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Case study: saving money (or not) renovating

Case study: saving money (or not) renovating
Renovated kitchen

The MoH’s first property was a 1970s unit in “original” condition.  To the uninitiated that means virtually nothing had been changed since the owner moved in 30 years before.  The theme was olive green and dark brown in the kitchen and bathrooms, with a nice shade of peach on the walls.  There were no wardrobes or blinds.

Over the time that I lived there, I think I replaced virtually everything inside, with the exception of a couple of shelves in the linen cupboard.  It was a learning experience and a half.  I’m only just now starting to motivate myself to start again in my current house!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

2014 New Year’s resolutions from the Millionaire on Heels

 Neto E-Commerce Solutions
Source: Neto E-Commerce Solutions

The MoH is a big fan of goal setting, and I definitely achieve more when I’ve written my goals down, preferably on old-fashioned paper in blue ink.  There’s something about seeing your goals in front of you and ticking them off one by one on a sheet of paper that I’ve never been able to replicate in an app or program.

While I love my lists, I’m not pedantic about following them word for word.  I think it’s important to be open to opportunities as they arise, and a great opportunity may involve adding new goals, reprioritising others, or removing some entirely from the plan.  So I was encouraged to see this article in the paper: Smart New Year Savers Keep Big Picture in Focus.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Upcoming January posts

An illustration by one of my favourite vintage artists, Rene Gruau
An illustration by one of my favourite vintage artists, Rene Gruau

The MoH has become a convert to search engine optimisation (SEO) over the Christmas holidays after reading a great book by Ben Norman called Get to No. 1 on Google.  (I’ll do a review of it in February.)  I have to admit I never realised how important SEO was … I thought that having good content was enough.

The other thing I never realised was how unoptimised the official Blogger templates are for SEO.  I’m definitely a slow learner, as there are thousands of posts out there with advice on fixing all the problems the templates throw up when running checks with SEO tools!