Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 year in review

Millionaire on Heels 2013 year in review
Lillie Rubin evening gown from 1957 ... perfect for a New Year's celebration

This is it … the final progress report against the Millionaire by 2020 plan for 2013.  There’s both a qualitative (2013 New Year’s resolutions and financial goals) and quantitative (the Millionaire by 202 chart) aspect to the report card.

2013 New Year’s resolutions and financial goals

Back in January, the MoH set out her six financial resolutions for 2013:
  • Develop my $1 million by 2020 financial plan and successfully achieve the first year milestones
  • Open an online share trading account (at the moment I go through a broker) and execute at least five trades