Sunday, 1 September 2013

Upcoming September posts

As I highlighted yesterday, I had less than a 50% success rate with my August goals.  So I’ve got some catch-up work to do in September.  In a positive light, a number of them involve spending money, and the longer I delay, the more cash there is in the MoH account!

So my goals for September will include:

  • Finally completing my tax return … and receiving my long anticipated refund
  • Closing out my unnecessary bank accounts (four accounts at three different banks …)
  • Getting a quote for one of my planned renovation activities
  • Scheduling my annual garden prunathon (I do most of the gardening myself, but once a year, I like to get a professional in to do the heavy lifting)
  • Getting the packaging sorted out for my new bricks-and-mortar/online business (including the final designs, packaging samples, and label samples)
  • Doing some further optimisation of my share portfolio