Sunday, 11 August 2013

The millionaire next door … is out in the garden

The MOH is sitting with a cup of coffee on a glorious nearly spring day in Sydney surveying the back garden.

It is by no means the neatly manicured, verdant garden of my dreams with wandering paths and neat flower beds.  But the jungle that surrounded the garden shed and pool shed at the back until this morning is now gone.  And the inside of the pool shed is, dare I say it, actually clean.

This was a task I had planned to complete for a while now, but it truly became a necessity when I rang the pool shop yesterday for a contact to assist me with my salt water chlorinator, which is no longer producing chlorine.  I was only expecting a name and phone number, but they surprised me by saying they’d send someone out on Monday.  I was over the moon, as this was a chore I’d been procrastinating about for some time now.  But then I remembered the state of the backyard …