Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tax tips, part 4: work-related travel expenses

Work-related travel expenses get entered into section D2 on your tax return.  It’s a catch-all for non-car vehicle expenses (e.g., motorcycles, trucks) and incidental travel expenses.

What you can claim

According to the ATO, you can claim the following work-related travel expenses:
  • Expenses for vehicles with a carrying capacity of one tonne or more, or nine or more passengers (e.g., utility trucks and panel vans)
  • Expenses for motorcycles
  • Short-term car hire
  • Public transport fares
  • Bridge and road tolls
  • Parking fees
  • Taxi fares
  • Petrol, oil, and repair costs relating to work-related travel you did in a car owned or leased by someone else
  • Meal, accommodation, and incidental expenses you incurred while away overnight for work – e.g., going to an interstate work conference