Friday, 5 July 2013

2013 mid-year performance review

Gulp … this is like having my mid-year performance review at work.  I’m feeling a bit queasy already.

Like with any good performance review, the best place to begin is by recapping my goals for the year.  I’ve opened up some of my January posts and unearthed my six financial resolutions for 2013:
  • Develop my $1 million by 2020 financial plan and successfully achieve the first year milestones
  • Open an online share trading account (at the moment I go through a broker) and execute at least five trades
  • Try at least one new savings tip a week from my blog
  • Develop a hobby to a point where it starts to turn a profit
  • Finalise the settlement on my mortgage refinance
  • Consolidate my last remaining “accidental” super account (The last time I consolidated super accounts, my last payment went into an old account and has been happily residing there ever since.  I need to transfer it before the new laws to transfer small balances to the ATO take effect.)