Saturday, 1 June 2013

Upcoming June posts

June is catch-up month at Millionaire on Heels headquarters.  I’ve slipped a bit in terms of my attempts to post daily.  So I need to invest some time just getting back to where I intended to be at the end of May.

I’m also planning a brief trip (or two) overseas, so I’m hoping to spend a few days away from the laptop.

So the plan for this month’s posts is a bit briefer than usual:
1 June:  Upcoming June posts
5 June:  Earning – starting a new business
9 June:  Earning – competitions
13 June:  Earning – trading
17 June:  Earning – decluttering
21 June:  Case study: saving money on travel
25 June:  Book review: Talent Economics
30 June:  June 2013 in review

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