Thursday, 16 May 2013

Book review: Building Wealth & Loving It

I picked up a copy of Building Wealth & Loving It (a down-to-earth guide to personal finance & investing) by Jimmy B. Prince at my regular weekend haunt, my local library.

Prince is a tax specialist and fellow of CPA Australia.  He has been a lecturer in tax law and is the author of several investment books and numerous investment articles.

The book is intended to appeal to readers who are looking for a single volume covering all the major ways of investing to build wealth.  It includes various practical case studies and handy tips to reinforce the learning journey.

The book includes 18 chapters structured into three parts.

Part I Let the games begin: getting organised includes the following chapters:
  • Chapter 1: Laying down the foundations
  • Chapter 2: Building wealth the smart way
  • Chapter 3: Who is in command? Ownership structures
  • Chapter 4: Borrowing to build wealth