Friday, 10 May 2013

Saving money on food

One source of savings for me to pay my cleaner is my food bill.  The MoH is quite a miser when it comes to food.  I also helps that I’m a vegetarian and dislike junk food and fast food takeaways.  The amount of money many people spend on food is mindboggling to me!

Here are some ideas to save money on food as a single professional (I promise I will not mention meal planning!).
  1. Minimise the amount of takeaway food you eat, for example:
    - Take your lunch to work
    - Have a simple dinner
    - Eat out only when you are with friends; don’t eat takeaway at home by yourself
  2. Minimise the amount of pre-prepared and junk food you eat – although this can be a less costly option than takeaway if it comes down to that (e.g., I buy $2 packets of pre-prepared daal, which costs a lot less than an Indian takeaway and can taste a lot fresher.  I wouldn’t be cooking daal myself in the evening rush, so that’s a good compromise for me.)