Thursday, 9 May 2013

Saving money on cleaning

Cleaning is not a strength of the MoH, so this will be a short post!

The basic strategies I see one could employ are:
  1. Clean less by:
    - Keeping things tidy in the first place
    - Cleaning less frequently
    - Lowering your standards (ever notice how men just don’t see the mess you do?)
    - Have less “stuff” (the more fiddly ornaments and whatnot you have, the more dusting and whatnot required)
  2. Use fewer cleaning products (most of the products in the supermarket are slightly different combinations of the same chemicals in different coloured and shaped bottles)
  3. Use generic cleaning products
  4. If you absolutely need a brand name cleaning product for some reason, buy it on sale
  5. If you don’t trust generic cleaning products, try one just for a limited use (e.g., I’ve bought generic laundry powder to wash my sheets and towels, but not my nice clothes)
  6. Make you own cleaning products (e.g., using baking soda, vinegar, methylated spirits)
  7. DIY clean rather than employing a cleaner … although I have to admit this is not for me