Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Book review: Financial Planning – DIY Guide

Financial Planning – DIY Guide (everything you need to successfully manage your money and invest for wealth creation) by Sam Henderson was published in 2011, so the information is quite current.

Henderson is CEO of Henderson Maxwell, a fee-for-service, independently-owned, boutique financial planning firm.  He is a presenter on Foxtel’s Your Money, Your Call and regularly contributes to magazines and newspapers, including Money and Asset magazines, the Sydney Morning Herald, Financial Review, and the Age.  He describes himself as coming from a non-traditional financial background and focuses on direct shares and property investments as opposed to the typical financial planner focus on managed funds.

In this book, Henderson aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the financial advice process, culminating in a one-page financial plan in the last chapter.  The book is designed to be generalist in nature, credible, and practical.  It focuses on setting good financial foundations rather than high-risk investments.