Friday, 3 May 2013

Saving money on gas

To save money on gas, you basically just need to follow the same principles I discussed yesterday on electricity.

In summary:
  • Check that you are receiving the best rate possible from your gas retailer, or consider switching retailers
  • Decrease your usage – focusing on heating, hot water, and cooking
  • Check for any gas leaks – if you turn off all your gas appliances, the meter should not move at all
As gas is relatively cheaper than electricity in Australia, it can pay to shift electricity usage to gas when you can – e.g., hot water and heating. 

Although personally, I’ve found it quite expensive to have gas in the first place because the service availability charge is high (and charged regardless of how much you use) and the cost of some gas appliances is astronomical – e.g., a gas heater can run close to $1,000 compared to an electric fan heater for $20.  It would take me five or ten years to recover that upfront $1,000 compared to running a little fan heater for a few minutes at a time!

Tomorrow I’ll cover the pool owner’s nightmare … the water bill.