Thursday, 2 May 2013

Saving money on electricity

Rising electricity prices are always certain to trigger columns of newsprint warning of the impact of hundreds of dollars per year on the “average household electricity bill”.  I’m a bit sympathetic, but only just.  My electricity bills are quite small, even though I have some more extravagant electricity-using appliances like a pool pump.  My last quarterly bill, for example, was less than $110.  So I’m not sure how people manage to use enough electricity in the first place to achieve the average bills of $500 plus. 

Here are some of the ways you can reduce your electricity bill:
  • Avoid grid power
  • Get the best rates
  • Decrease usage

Avoid grid power

The Australian and state government initiated programs in recent years that provide large discounts on solar panels.  I got in as the rebates were being lowered, but it is still quite cost effective to deck out your roof with a few solar panels.  Mine effectively halved my electricity bill and will recover their cost in just a few years.

Get the best rates

As the electricity is deregulated now in most Australian states, it’s important to check that you are getting the best rates from your electricity supplier.