Friday, 12 April 2013

Book review: Online Investing on the Australian Sharemarket

Online Investing on the Australian Sharemarket by Roger Kinsky is a book that really helped me to “get” the principles of online share investing.  The edition I read (third edition published in 2007) is getting a little bit dated, but the principles are still excellent.

Kinsky is a long-time online share trader.  He has written over 10 books on subjects as diverse as share investing, business management, and engineering.

The book is targeted at both novice and experienced online investors.  Novice investors should be able to trade proficiently based on the principles outlined in the book, while more experienced investors can benefit from the information and strategies in the book to become more knowledgeable and make more successful trades.  Personally, I’ve read the book a couple of times as I’ve advanced in my own knowledge of online investing.