Monday, 1 April 2013

And the winner is …

The best thing about having a contest is that you get to announce a winner.

I’ve had a last minute flurry of entries … even one from a male … and with that photo you may get a lot of attention!

Some of the best ideas (and my responses) include:
  • Improve the blog design.  It’s hard to stand out when you use the standard Blogger templates – I’ve been working on this throughout March, and I hope you like the new logo, background, and colour scheme.
  • Improve your site navigation.  There are so many posts, it’s difficult to locate all the ones relevant to a particular topic – Thanks, I have to admit I lose track of them, too!  I plan to add some additional pages that will address the major topics covered - e.g., mortgages, shares, starting a business.  On each of these, I’ll have links to some of the key posts on that topic.
  • More photos – I’m working on this … my family say the same thing.  I need to get out and about a bit more with the iPhone and take a few.
  • Please do a series on superannuation, including women-specific issues and how to establish an SMSF – OK, I will include this in my April posts.
And the overall winner is (drumroll) ...

Upcoming April posts

The Millionaire on Heels is now celebrating four months and over 80,000 words, about the size of a small novel.  Taking on board some of my own advice in my starting a business series, I am becoming hooked on the idea of writing my own book.  While it won’t be a work of fiction, I am hoping that it will be a good read.  Stay tuned for updates ... I imagine it’s going to take a few more months, but one day soon there will be a Millionaire on Heels book.

Now I hope you like superannuation (super) … or at least can tolerate the subject.  Because April is all about super.  Thanks to one reader’s suggestion, I thought I’d include it.  In fact, I was originally going to discuss other topics as well.  But when it came down to it, there was so much to cover on super, the other content got bumped to May.

To break the monotony, I will throw in a few case studies and book reviews as per the usual.

So, the plan for this month’s posts includes:
  1. And the winner is …
  2. Case study: health and beauty
  3. Book review: The Business of Share Trading