Thursday, 28 March 2013

Saving money on beauty services

The Millionaire on Heels has had a weakness in the past for beauty services ... well actually the present, too.  The challenge for me is that I visit a salon once, and then feel obliged to rebook. Before I know it, I'm hooked.  I've become friends with the therapist, and I end up with regular appointments for what should be a luxury service. Often, my savior from a lifetime of visiting is the therapist actually moving away herself!

My main way to manage this is to allow myself only a couple of luxury services at one time. At the moment, it's lash extensions, laser hair removal, and haircuts.   I actually wanted to try the lash extensions for a long time before I started, but I couldn’t because I was locked into regular appointments for lash perms.  And similarly, I had to transition into laser hair removal by finding new body parts to wax because I couldn’t bear to let my beauty therapist who did the waxing go.  Fortuitously, she decided to relocate to the south coast! 

Everything apart from these three services is strictly for special occasions or DIY. Here are some tips I use to get by.