Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Saving money on beauty products

Beauty products is an area where I believe women get ripped off daily.  And few women realise it.  We all seem to really believe that purchasing all these enormously marked up pots of chemicals worth a few cents will somehow magically transform us into that airbrushed supermodel on the cover of the latest magazine.

The Millionaire on Heels still gets caught out occasionally.  But are a few golden rules I use to try to keep my expenditure on beauty products manageable:
  1. Consider your use of the product in the first place.  Don’t buy gimmicky items you’ll never use – e.g., odd shades of makeup, the latest celebrity perfume.
  2. You only need a handful of basic products to maintain a clean and youthful complexion – soap-free cleanser, sunblock, a facial moisturiser, and sorbolene for your body.  Research shows that the most effective ways to delay early aging are stopping smoking, applying sunblock, and using a basic moisturiser.
  3. Don’t get sucked in by beauty therapists, department store salespeople, etc.  They may honestly believe that you need a whole raft of their recommended products, but the only person that will benefit in the long run is them – through the profit they make on each sale.  If you compare the label of a big name brand to that of a cheap chemist brand, you’ll often see that the ingredients are virtually identical.  Makeup, cleanser, basically anything that you wash off, can be far better value for money at a discount chemist.