Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Saving money on clothing

True Million Dollar Heels

When I was a management consultant and working in the CBD, I could have spent a fortune on clothes to keep up with the Ms. Jones’s.  In my earlier years on the job, I churned through a lot of cheaper clothing that didn’t fit properly and expensive clothing that didn’t last.  Finally, after around seven years, I found a style that both worked for me and was reasonably cost effective (for a six-figure plus salary).

Now that I work in the suburbs, my workplace is a little less formal (I don’t have to wear a suit jacket every day), but I’ve been able to adapt my style with a few tweaks.  I can shift from every day work clothing to more formal vendor meetings, to conference presentations and VIP events with only a few minor changes – e.g., addition of a jacket, a piece of jewelry, or a scarf.

Here are 20 tips I’ve learned over the years:
  1. Understand your body shape and colouring.  There are many online and offline image consultants that can assist you here, or you can just DIY.  Until you’ve done a course, you may think the idea is a bit kooky, but once you realise how much money you can save and how much better you can look immediately just by wearing colours that suit you and avoiding styles that don’t (if you know you don’t look good in skinny leg jeans, you never will, so it’s just pointless buying a pair that you’ll never wear), you’ll never look back.