Saturday, 9 March 2013

Book review: Become a Key Person of Influence

I received a copy of Become a Key Person of Influence (the five-step sequence to becoming one of the most highly valued and highly paid people in your industry) by Daniel Priestley as a freebie when I attended the Key Personal of Influence (KPI) Entrepreneur Brand Accelerator workshop back in early February.

As I posted at the time, I wasn’t blown away by the idea spending close to $10,000 to join the KPI program promoted by the workshop when the other participants would be a dog walker and a one-person charity organisation.  But I have since read the book and found the ideas compelling.

Following the introduction, the book is divided into three parts.


The introduction highlights the key themes that appear consistently throughout the book.

Basically, in every industry you will find an inner circle of people who are the most well-known and valued.  These are the KPIs.

Becoming a KPI does not take years or decades.  And in fact there are plenty of people who have been in an industry for decades and are not KPIs.

Rather, you simply need to follow the five-step sequence set out in part 2 of the book.