Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Starting a business – partnering

This post has been inspired by the book Become a Key Person of Influence (KPI) by Daniel Priestley.  According to Daniel, joint ventures (JV) and partnerships are:

“… the secret that separates the KPIs who make BIG money and the KPIs who are well known and liked, but still don’t make the sort of money they are worth.”

Basically, the concept around a JV or partnership is that:
  • Someone in your suburb, city, state, etc. has already built a relationship with thousands of people who could be your clients
  • Someone already has free products that they would happily add to your product range just for the exposure
  • Someone already has a great brand and is looking for some great products to endorse
  • When two of you connect, you can BOTH improve your sales results at an exponential rate by leveraging what each other has to offer
Examples include wedding packages (all the services required for a wedding), a complete makeover package, gift sets incorporating a range of products and services, venue/service packages, etc.