Monday, 4 March 2013

Starting a business – publishing

In the online world, content is king.  And in the bricks-and-mortar world, customers are demanding an online presence.  So it is vital to make your ideas heard.

Content may be your product itself, or content can supplement your physical product or service.  Publishing is not that difficult … although as the proliferation of adver-blogs pays testament to, writing well remains an art!

Options to publish your ideas include:
  • A blog – most blogging websites allow you to create a blog for free
  • An article or series of articles – these could be published online, printed as part of a collection, or submitted to a magazine
  • A booklet – booklets are shorter than books (and therefore faster to produce) and can be used to promote your physical product or service
  • A full-fledged book – books have the added value of the “thud” factor and can add immediate credibility to your product or service and your own profile
Key benefits of publishing a book include:
  • It adds to your credentials – who doesn’t want to be a “best-selling author”?
  • It shows that you have expertise in your field
  • It shows that you have connections in the industry