Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Book review: Finding and Managing Your Mortgage

Finding and Managing Your Mortgage is a “For Dummies” book by Maureen Jordan.  Consistent with the yellow-and-black “For Dummies” genre, the book is a reasonable size, and contains the sections below.

Part 1: Finetuning Your Finances
Chapter 1: Determining Your Borrowing Power
Chapter 2: Qualifying for a Mortgage

Part 2: Locating a Loan
Chapter 3: Fathoming the Fundamentals
Chapter 4: Selecting the Best Home Purchase Loan
Chapter 5: Special Situation Loans

Part 3: Landing a Lender
Chapter 6: Finding Your Best Lender
Chapter 7: Navigating Through the Options Maze
Chapter 8: Tackling the Loan Paperwork

Part 4: Paying Off the Loan and Moving On
Chapter 9: Fast-Tracking Your Mortgage
Chapter 10: Refinancing Your Mortgage
Chapter 11: Making Investment Decisions

Part 5: The Part of Tens
Chapter 12: Ten Issues to Consider Before Paying Out Your Loan
Chapter 13: Ten Tips for Surfing Mortgage Sites
Chapter 14: Ten Mortgage No-Nos

Appendices – various tables and a glossary

Positive features of the book include:
  • It’s a reasonable length – long enough to explain key concepts, short enough to get through in a few evenings
  • It covers a variety of home-buying situations, from first home buyers to refinancers
  • It addresses more unique loan types that the more basic books neglect – e.g., bridging loans, home equity loans