Monday, 25 February 2013

Book review: The Naked Millionaire

I picked up The Naked Millionaire (The Ultimate Fast Track Guide to Wealth, Freedom, and Fulfillment) by David Taylor from my local library.  It just jumped out at me when I was searching for something else … I guess nudity sells.

The cover of the book was promising.  It is a book about becoming a millionaire, not through investment, savings, or gambling, but via seven possible paths:
  1. Being an authentic millionaire
  2. Designing a global brand
  3. Starting and growing your own business
  4. Avoiding pitfalls
  5. Seeing what others don’t
  6. Becoming a professional speaker
  7. Writing a bestseller
The premise is that if you do these things, you will become a millionaire – plain and simple.

My key takeaway from the book is that you need to take action – whatever it is, just do something.  It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, you can learn and course correct along the way.  As long as you just do something.

Fortunately, this advice is contained on page xi.  The book gets very confusing after that.  There are 21 chapters, plus a summary and some case studies.  The author suggests three “journeys” you can take to read the book, from front to back, the journey of hindsight and the journey of misadventure.  The second and third journeys involve skipping through the chapters, and each chapter concludes with the next chapter to read depending on which journey you’re on.