Saturday, 23 February 2013

Book review: Saving Money Made Simple

Apologies for the large number of book reviews in a row.  All my books are due back at the library next week!

Saving Money Made Simple by Nicholas Reed claims to contain hundreds of tips to help you save big dollars on everything from food, clothes, and entertainment to household cleaners, cosmetics, electricity, appliances, furnishings, travel, gifts … and much, much more.  The book is only around 100 pages and in a large font, so most of these tips are contained in numbered lists.  It was written in the early 1990’s, so I thought it would interesting to have a browse through for useful tips that might have been forgotten as society has changed over the last couple of decades.

Basically, the tips are grouped under 17 topics:
  1. Tune in to wise spending
  2. Penny-pincher’s quiz: how thrifty are you?
  3. Borrowing smart can save you big bucks
  4. How to cut your home mortgage by $100,000 and more
  5. Facts and myths about saving money and energy
  6. Entertain without financial pain
  7. Simple household cost busters
  8. Take the shock out of your power bills
  9. Make personal care cheap and beautiful
  10. Fifty simple ways to stretch your dollars
  11. Find an extra $1,000 you never knew you had
  12. Dress up on the smallest budget
  13. How to get furnishing and appliance bargains
  14. Paint yourself into the black
  15. How a thinner waistline can mean a fatter purse
  16. Easy ways to eat better – for a lot less money
  17. Ringing up telephone savings