Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Case study: mortgage refinancing – part 2

Today’s post is a brief one, to finish off my 7 February post http://www.millionaireonheels.com/2013/02/case-study-mortgage-refinancing.html.

The good news is that my refinancing went through successfully at the end of the week!
I’m now saving $5,000 per year over my previous one.  And I can cross one more item of my New Year’s Resolution list.

I made one monthly payment immediately, so I’ll always be ahead in my repayments.  And I’ve organised for two offset accounts to be set up, one for additional repayments (never to be touched) and one for savings to fund my other financial goals.

And coincidentally, my company’s bonuses got paid on the same day, so I’ll be having a bit of a celebration!