Monday, 11 February 2013

Starting a business – licenses and permits

The only common theme on this topic is inconsistency.  The Australian government and each state, territory, and local government have responsibility for different types of business licenses, permits, registrations, and certificates.  So you really have to check out the rules for your specific situation.

The following website has links to each state business license information service:

For example, in NSW, where the Millionaire on Heels resides, licenses are required for:
  • Conveyancers
  • Home building, plumbers, electricians, refrigeration/airconditioning and building consultancy
  • Motor dealers 
  • Motor repairers and insurers
  • Pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers
  • Property agents and managers
  • Travel agents 
  • Valuers
The NSW Fair Trading website also outlines requirements around product safety, offering credit, and complying with the national Consumer Law.

I checked a few other state websites, and there some similarities and a lot of differences.  So I highly recommend checking out your relevant state and community websites.