Monday, 4 February 2013

Key person of influence – discovery session

I have to admit I’m only writing this post because I said I would in my February plan - and also I guess as a warning to others.  Yesterday I came close to being conned out of $9,000.

The key person of influence (KPI) discovery session started off well.  The presenters seemed like they knew what they were talking about, and conducted an exercise where they asked a few of the participants where they were at in their lives, where they wanted to be, and what was in the way.  My fellow participants ranged from an unemployed guy to a couple of construction business owners, to a charity founder, to a lady pet trainer (who by her own admission could not get a job as a checkout chick at ALDI).  They then conducted a second exercise, where they discussed the entrepreneur sweet spot as being the intersection of passion, value, and rewards.

They then segued neatly into an overview of the 40-week KPI incubator program.  We learned that it was an exclusive program (continuing the theme from yesterday where there were stringent selection criteria for the program), what the selection criteria were (no newbie businesses, high tech, random ideas, or rescue jobs), a bit more about the mentors’ commitment, and finally the logistics, etc.