Sunday, 3 February 2013

Key person of influence – brand accelerator workshop

Yesterday I attended an interesting event called the Key Personal of Influence (KPI) Entrepreneur Brand Accelerator (  It was completely by chance.  I saw silver tickets advertised on Living Social for $19, and it looked intriguing, so I thought why not.  The package also included a free book and free drinks in the evening, which alone looked to be worth the $19.

Not knowing anything about the event, I drove to the venue (in the pouring rain) early on Saturday morning.  I found a good seat for the day (the event lasted close to nine hours) and settled in with a good dose of skepticism.

I turned out to be pleasantly surprised.  The event was based on the premise that building a profitable business doesn’t happen by chance.  It takes five key skills, plus implementation.  The idea is that when you re-package the value you already have using these five skills and implement the new strategy with excellence, you will experience rapid acceleration in your life and business.