Thursday, 17 January 2013

Public transport savings tips

The Millionaire on Heels is not a huge public transport user.  I pretty much have to incur the fixed costs of having a car to get to work.  And the incremental costs of the odd driving I do elsewhere don’t seem to add up to much.  Plus, I enjoy air conditioning and being able to sing along to my favourite songs.  I haven’t tried singing on public transport, but I’m not sure it would attract the best looks!

But it is definitely worthwhile considering if you need a car at all – see my previous post

Non-car ownership transport options include:
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Car pooling
  • Rental car
  • Car share schemes
  • Taxis
So when is public transport a more cost effective option than hopping in the car?  Because I have to have a car in the first place, I compare the incremental costs of driving to the public transport fare.  For me, the primary incremental cost of driving is petrol – about $0.15 per km, so $1.50 for a roundtrip to the gym, main library, or local shopping centre, or $7.50 for a roundtrip to work.  That’s less than it would cost me for a public transport fare.  Other incremental costs to take into account would be parking, tolls, your carbon footprint, etc.