Saturday, 12 January 2013

New car purchases - used car checklist

The Millionaire on Heels remembers back to her first used car purchase.  I was fresh out of university and scanned the classifieds.  The classifieds were all in the newspaper back then.  I found an ad with the make and model I wanted with super low kms at a good price.  My dad was visiting, so I enlisted him, and we went out to do a test drive.  I think we walked around the car once looking for any major damage … my dad’s main comment was that it was missing hub caps on the wheels.  The test drive for a couple of minutes went OK, and I bought the car with a cheque.  Of course, once I took the car home with me, I found out all the things that weren’t quite right – the rear door that didn’t open, the leaking window, etc.  But mechanically the car was pretty sound for something of its vintage, and it went on to serve me well and then my family once I moved to Australia.

So, if I was doing it all again, what would I do differently.  Some key checks you need to do when considering a used car purchase include:
  • Seller verification
  • Personal property securities register (PPSR) check
  • State transport agency checks
  • Vehicle inspection