Thursday, 10 January 2013

New car purchases - optimise the process

The Millionaire on Heels has a confession to make: I love new cars.  The pragmatic, financially astute side of me says new cars are an absolute waste of money, as their value drops by 10% (minimum) the second you leave the showroom.  It reminds me of my 20km commute along a road frequented by diesel-spewing semi-trailers who pepper the car with bits of gravel on dry days and muddy water on wet ones.  But I can forget all that when I see a gleaming, new model, turbo-charged driving machine beckoning at me from the dealership.  I don’t want anyone to have set foot in the driver’s seat except me, I don’t want someone else’s crumbs and unidentifiable sticky marks.  I am a car dealer’s best friend!

My current car is days under six years old, and I desperately want to keep it for at least another year until I succumb to the Pied Piper of new cars.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.  It has never had a single maintenance issue, and it is nearly immaculate inside, as I don’t ferry around kids or dogs.  There’s the odd scratch and curb rash on the alloy wheels, and the leather on the driver’s seat could us a bit of attention, but that’s it.  My planned solution is what I’ve termed “car renovation,” which I’ll discuss in a later post.

In the meantime, I’ll live the process of buying a new car vicariously!