Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Car maintenance tips

The Millionaire on Heels drives a European car that has a warning light for seemingly every occasion – low tyre pressure, low oil levels, low coolant levels, broken taillight bulbs, you name it.  So my quite practical approach to car maintenance is to turn on the car and hope for the best.  If any of the warning lights come on, I read the manual and find out what the warning light is (the picture on the light itself often doesn’t reflect the problem at hand) and what you’re meant to do. 

This has worked without fail for me except on two occasions:
  • The first time I had to open the bonnet, I couldn’t find the lever – the car manual is for a left-hand drive model, and I was looking for the lever on the passenger side!
  • One time, the coolant warning light came on; however the coolant level was fine.  I drove with trepidation to the mechanic (the manual said DO NOT DRIVE THE CAR), and it turned out the coolant sensor itself was faulty
So I’m in complete envy of those people who actually understand what’s happening under the bonnet.