Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Petrol consumption tips

Fuel can easily eat up a couple of thousand dollars a year from your budget if you drive frequently.  There are some straightforward ways to reduce your petrol consumption.  Other recommendations seem to keep being published year after year, but I wonder if they’re still relevant given the more modern technology behind the later model vehicles.

Here are a few ideas I’ve seen working in practice:
  1. Walk, cycle, or take public transport whenever you can. I try to walk 15-30 min before I would jump in the car.  From home, that takes me to the supermarket in one direction and newsagent and local restaurants in the other.  From work, that takes me to the local shopping centre.
  2. Get an electric, hybrid, or diesel car.  Obviously this is not a short-term solution!  You need to run the numbers for one of these cars, as the initial capital outlay will be higher than for a similar, but petrol-powered car.  Electric and hybrid vehicles would be good if you drive short distances in an urban location, while diesel engines go for 1,000+ km without needing to refuel.
  3. Save up all your errands and do them in one trip.