Sunday, 6 January 2013

Roadside assistance

The Millionaire on Heels learned how to drive in a small town in America, where the driving age in most states is lower than in Australia.  So I was still in school and living with my parents throughout my early driving years.  We all drove old, inexpensive cars, and “roadside assistance” was often required.  That meant ringing Dad to come pick you up!

When I moved out of home and started purchasing my own cars, sure enough a few things went wrong.  And what did I do?  If it was major, I rang Dad.  He was interstate, but he told me what to do.  The only minor incidents I had were running out of petrol once and a single flat tyre.  I don’t know if this is a sign of the changing times or if Sydneysiders are just less considerate, but the time I ran out of petrol, some nice strong guys pushed my car to the side of the road and drove me to the petrol station.  And when I had a flat tyre on the motorway, a guy just walked up and offered to change it.  This was a bit freaky, as walking on a motorway is not allowed in America.  I thought he might have been a hitchhiker, but he didn’t ask for lift.  I said thank you, he said you’re welcome, and then he just walked away. (To be fair to Sydneysiders, I have had one nice person offer to assist me with changing a flat tyre.  The roadside assistance guy was already at work on the tyre, though!)