Friday, 4 January 2013

Tyres, parts, and service add-ons

The Millionaire on Heels is a sucker for getting absolutely ripped off on this topic. 

A typical story goes like this.  During the week, a tyre blows, as the Millionaire on Heels tests just how tightly the steering wheel can turn at speed around inner city corners.  The resulting hole is unpatchable, and the roadside assistance guy puts my doughnut spare on.  The days pass and I continue to drive on the doughnut although I know I shouldn’t.  Saturday arrives … I really have to go to the tyre shop … but I have a migraine.  Sunday I feel better … I’ll go to the tyre shop … but nothing is open … I discover there are only three tyre shops in greater Sydney open on Sunday.  I limp along on my doughnut to a suburb I’ve never heard to get a new tyre. 

At the shop, the salesperson is super helpful.  However, I cannot buy just one tyre.  They don’t have my brand in stock, and the front set needs to be similar.  And they notice the rear ones are getting bald as well.  So, an hour or so later I emerge with four brand spanking new tyres at the recommended retail price (RRP).  For a performance car, this is an amount equivalent to the average Aussie wage.  Now I have to say these are really excellent tyres and they have lasted me years longer than the previous factory fitted ones.  And they did come with lifetime free rotations … whenever I’m in the area of the suburb I’d never heard of previously.