Thursday, 3 January 2013

Car servicing tips

The most valuable car servicing tip the Millionaire on Heels can offer is to avoid dealer servicing.

Dealers earn more profit from after sales services than from the sale itself, and they do so by propagating various myths about their services:
  • The manufacturer’s warranty myth – It is widely presumed for some reason that dealer servicing is required to maintain the car manufacturer’s statutory warranty.  This is not the case.  See the ACCC website for further explanation
  • The extensive care and attention to detail lavished on your car during its log book service myth – This myth is cunningly supported by the dealer’s insistence that you leave the car there for the full day (and of course a loan car is available should you need one … for a fee).  It only takes an hour or to complete a log book service (most are simply an oil change and a few checks of fluids, filters, and whatnot); the rest of the day your car just sits in the lot.  Unless of course you consent to the dealer providing the range of additional services they ring you about during the day.  I’ve had dealers tell me the tyres needed to be rotated … when I’d had it done a couple of weeks beforehand.  Just try and tell the dealer you’ll wait in their lounge for the service to be completed and see their reaction!