Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year's Eve cash earners (for the rest of us)

It may seem that New Year’s Eve is designed to extract as much cash as possible from you.  However, the flipside for anyone who is not interested in the festivities or willing to endure a bit of short-term effort for cash gain is that all the support staff making the celebrations a success for everyone else are remunerated at insane levels.

So if you need some quick cash, ideas to earn money on the night include:
  • Babysitting – the average going rate seems to be around $50 per hour, not bad for sitting on the sofa while the littlies are asleep
  • Casual bartending – the clubs, etc. will have their regulars doing this, but many private functions require support
  • Casual waitressing – a friend of mine does this regularly for private parties and makes heaps of cash.  A benefit is that many of the swankier parties are at homes sweeping harbour views, and you get to see the fireworks as well
While not cash earners, any activities not directly related to the New Year’s celebrations can be significantly discounted or bereft of other clientele, ensuring that you get better service.  One of my favourite activities is to take an overnight flight.  You will never see an aircraft so deserted.  I did this most recently flying from LA to Sydney.  There were only three people in the entire business class cabin, a couple in the front and me at the back.  We couldn’t even see each other, and we each had our own flight attendant.  While you have to pay for the flight obviously, you also get plenty of champagne and nibbles to tide you into the new year.

This is the New Year’s Eve in a while that I haven’t been on holiday.  So I’m still trying to prepare myself for having to go in to the office in the morning!  I’ll be sure to leave at a reasonable hour, though, in time for a private party with a few close friends.