Saturday, 29 December 2012

New Year's Eve entertainment (for party-going types)

The Millionaire on Heels’ wealth creation plans could get seriously sidetracked by blowing a few grand on a harbourside experience with endlessly flowing champagne and the fireworks close enough to touch.  Oh, I forgot to add in the cost of the dress and the shoes and handbag to match.  Seriously, there was an article on the other day that featured a girl who had spent $2,500 on her New Year’s Eve outfit:

Young women say they're better off spending heaps on clothes than borrowing

Well, I’ve done pretty done it all on New Year’s Eve, from the glittering parties above the harbour, to the crushing crowds on the harbour, to low key gatherings to friends, to staying at home, and occasionally skipped the day entirely (I’ve flown a few times from LA to Sydney and you cross the international date line, expunging the day completely).  Pretty much all of these options have left me with a sore head and feet the next day, but some of them left certainly left more cash in my wallet than the others.