Thursday, 27 December 2012

Negotiating tips

If you’re shopping for larger items in the sales, no doubt you will need to so some negotiating.

The key to getting a good deal is first and foremost your mindset.  A lot of people find the process unpleasant.  Women in particular risk being perceived as overly aggressive or poorer negotiators.  In fact, a study I read in university showed that in negotiating with car salesmen, women were able to negotiate the same discounts as the men in the study.  The catch is that it wasn’t a level playing field to start with, and the salesmen without fail offered a lower price to the men to start with!

To shift the playing field in your favour, keep in mind the following points:
  • The seller has undoubtedly set his/her prices assuming that there will be negotiation.  They are an expected part of doing business.  You are not bankrupting them by asking for the discount they expected you to ask for in the first place.
  • If prices are not printed, the seller will size you up and charge you based on his/her perception of how much he/she thinks you will be willing to pay.  If you seem nervous about haggling, a seasoned seller will increase the starting price!