Wednesday, 26 December 2012

End-of-year sales guide

The sales are on.  I’ve found it hard this year to differentiate between when the pre-Christmas sales finished and the Boxing Day sales started.  Even though I regularly unsubscribe to some of the more pestering emails (some companies were sending me daily emails in December after I’d made a single online purchase), it seems as though I’ve received dozens over the last few days with nearly identical offers to the ones earlier in the month.

So, how does the Millionaire on Heels approach the end-of-year sales?  With much trepidation I have to admit.  From a financial perspective, I see the opportunity to stockpile items I will need during the year at reasonable prices.  But the downside is getting caught up in the fuss and buying things you don’t really need or worse buying additional items you “have to have” that aren’t even on sale.  Plus I don’t like the crowds and the endless circling looking for a parking space.

Here are my six golden rules to tackle the sales:
  1. See the sales as an opportunity to stockpile clothing and other items that you will need at some point during the year.  I find it far easier (and cheaper) to have a new pair of shoes or stockings in the wardrobe to pull out when their predecessor suffers irreparable damage.  In my case, clothes have a knack of falling apart the day before I have to go on a business trip, and replacing them at short notice pretty much guarantees paying full price for something that’s not exactly what you want or need.  I generally look for shoes, stockings, and other work clothes at the sales.  I also browse for T-shirts and summer clothes that can carry into next season.