Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas preparations

Every year I hear horror stories about the preparations entailed for Christmas – endless cooking in the heat to try to satisfy the demands of streams of distant relatives who will never be satisfied.

Some of my favourite lower-key ways to celebrate include:
  • Christmas on the beach.  Everyone needs to do Christmas on Bondi Beach once in their lives.  The only requirements are a towel and swimmers … a Santa hat is optional.
  • A tropical getaway.  I spent Christmas in a lodge the Daintree once.  It was super casual and everything was organised for you.  It was a bit more expensive than DIY, but not over the top.
  • Quiet Christmas with close family members.  My parents live in the mountains, so Christmas is usually them, my sisters, and I.  Everyone has their roles in the preparations, which we have always had since we were kids.  I’m sure my mother still stresses about all the preparations, but to me it’s relaxing because it’s always the same!
  • BBQ with friends.  When I can’t be with my family, this is by far my favourite Christmas option.  Often, several of my neighbours and I will have a casual BBQ with everyone bringing a dish.  They are quite multicultural events, so there’s a bit of everything plus very good company.
I guess the theme here is that it’s not about the event itself, it’s about the people you spend time with.

Tonight and tomorrow I’m going to have a bit of a break from blogging and enjoy some quality time with some friends.

Happy Christmas to everyone!